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The bee is disturbed to discover he is being exploited by the human race, even though he has been observing them in the city's parks and gardens all his life. His attempt to sue the government for "jurisdictional ownership of bees" is unsuccessful, and the law acknowledges that bees are the bees' bees, not the humans', and cannot be owned. This is also why Benson is unable to sue the florist, who inadvertently pollinates his prized blooms. Benson is further distressed to learn that his florist friend Vanessa is in fact a human woman named Vanetta  who had married his friend Greg, forcing them to leave their honey bee home. In the bee's quest to learn the true nature of humans, he is befriended by Clarence , a street performer who is unaware of bees, and recruited to help him to expose their true nature. Over a period of time, he learns that they are a social, peaceful, friendly, peaceful, highly cultured, sapient species and observe their dynamics as a species. In a similar vein, Barry B. Benson teaches Vanessa that humans are a sociable, peaceful, peaceful, highly cultured, sapient species, but she has been taught from birth to be more fearful and to attempt to repel their advances. While they are on a bus, a bee stings her repeatedly, causing her to flee, but she eventually realizes that bees are all the same, and that humans are just as full of love and peace as bees. Awards The film has won a number of awards in Europe, South Africa and Asia. In the UK, it was awarded an International Emmy for Best Fiction Program. The Australian Film Critics Association awarded the film its highest rating of 10 out of 10. The New York City Film Critics Circle awarded the film its highest rating of 100% in their survey. The film is also in contention for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. The film has received great acclaim in South Africa where it won the Golden Film of the Year award, the CIMA Award for Best Fiction Film and the Best Short Film Award. In India, the film won a Best Short Film Award from the Cinema Celebration, followed by another Best Short Film Award from the International Film Festival of India. The film was also awarded the Best Short Film Award from the New York City International Film Festival. In the United States, The bee & The fly has received nominations from organizations



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